Body Contouring Improves Posture And Confidence

It’s not just facial features that individuals want to enhance or volumise.

By 2022, the value of body contouring procedures will have increased to over £830 Million, a popular safer and cost effective alternative to plastic surgery.

Sexier curves are now in demand. Whilst years ago, women were conscious of their buttocks looking too big, women now want bigger buttocks because they call out a sexy curvy booty.

Combined with cellulite dissolving techniques and intralipotherapy, body contouring works hand in hand with these techniques to achieve that flattering body shape that many are not born with.

At Fillerworld, we stock MLF 1 and MLF2, as well as Sculptra; both brands increase confidence in individuals who are naturally thin. A volumised, curvier body displays strong physique and great posture.

Body contouring is a faster and more easier way for both men and women to achieve the optimum body instead of working out and training to build muscle in specific targeted places. More men are opting for calve contouring with contouring fillers.

There is minimal downtime and the hyaluronic acid within the formula is biodegradable and biocompatible, an ingredient which is naturally present within the human body. The soft texture of MLF1 and MLF2 enables it to be completely malleable, allowing practitioners to create the dedicated results for the clients. It is always recommended to have a skilled professional who is certified in using Sculptra as it requires skill and precision. Results are long lasting for several months before a top up treatment is required. The most appealing factor is the natural results.

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