Frown Lines, Face-Lifts & Non-Invasive Treatments

2020 saw us all sat at our laptops, squinting intently at our screens more than ever before. The evidence is inevitably piling up on our skin. How? We’re looking more worried and waking up with more intense lines between the eyebrows.

Freshening your appearance first requires you to address the tired look in your eyes and neck, because these are often the first places to show signs of ageing.

It’s also important to note that patients of dark to black skin are more prone to keloid scarring via plastic surgery, which has made non-invasive treatments the favourite for many practitioners. Everyone wants less invasive treatments today and especially without any scarring. Patients don’t want to have a lot of work done to achieve the results they want.

I’ve developed a displeased and permanently furrowed-brow look. What’s the best way to address this?

Often we question whether it is ageing or environmental factors causing our worried look. Many of us frown whilst we are asleep, absorbing the previous day’s worries.

Frowning at the screen in the daytime is often the main cause and if you are aware that you’re going it, then you can persevere to be in more control and ending this habit. Easier said than done. Which is why many practitioners will recommend neuromodulators such as Xeomin or Botox to erase the 11 lines. Botox can helps to relax and soften (not freeze!) the look by preventing the repetitive motion of frowning.

Often when you pass a mirror in the hallway whilst in deep thought, you may notice frown lines to appear more exaggerated.

When I hear people say they want to ‘age gracefully’. What does this actually end up meaning for them?

There are three things to consider when ageing gracefully.

  1. Movement – movement causes wrinkles, but no movement looks unnatural. A balanced look which can still move (but not be frozen), requires modulated treatment usingbotulinums .
  2. Volume – Too much volume will also look unnatural, but a careful balance will allow wrinkles to be smoothed out.
  3. Skin Quality – Hydration is different to volume. Hydration via  Skinboosters can address textural changes. Vitamin support is also essential as well as addressing any pigmentation through meso products.

Where skin is thinner and requires moisture, we can start to address this area first, as thinner skin (e.g on the neck and eyelids) will always age more prematurely.

Xeomin and  Botox are not for everyone and a medically trained practitioner should assess you first. 

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