Perfectha – A French Filler for Lips, Folds and Cheeks


A smart filler made in France with a symbolic Eiffel Tower icon next to its name. Perfectha really is the elegant Parisian’s answer to younger looking skin. But not just for French men and women, patients from 69 other countries have also been benefitting from the aesthetic magic of Perfectha.

Perfectha products from Sinclair Pharma (the creators of other renown brands such as collagen-boosting Ellanse and Silhouette Soft threads) have been formulated for lips, cheeks and nasolabial folds. Results are admittedly natural, subtle and confident. And with over 3.3 million vials sold by Perfectha over the last 13 years, the results are non-invasive, instantaneous with no downtime at all.

Formulated by French scientists, the finished look is truly remarkable and cost effective in comparison to other leading French brands. For patients who want to treat the above indictions and have a budget, this brand is perfect for achieving their beauty objectives. Perfectha’s website showcases the before and after results of many women who have used Perfectha to increase lip volume

Their five products in the Perfectha range are outlined below.

Perfectha Fine Lines erases exactly what it says on the tin. Those first visible fines lines that start to appear in the thirties and forties.

Perfectha Derm works on medium wrinkles and folds for older patients.

Perfectha Deep treats deeper wrinkles and folds working in the deeper layers of skin.

Perfectha Complement erases crow’s feet and increases volume similarly to Botox.

Perfectha Subskin comes in 3 x 1ml syringes that are ideal for jaw contouring and deep skin depressions. It also helps to eliminate deep scarring in the tissue.

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