What Products can i use to dissolve fat?

Overweight couple don’t know how to lose, bewildered. Dieting, weight losing and health care concept

When exercise and diet are not helping to shift cellulite or fat, then a more professional treatment that is proven to provide fast results is an option to consider. It is important to differentiate between stubborn fat removal and weight loss. This article is solely referring to dissolving stubborn fat, and not weight loss, which can be achieved through exercise and diet. See it as improving the body contours and overall figure shape.

Besides the double chin and tummy, fat can also be difficult to manage around the outer thighs and love handles.

The fat dissolving products available to purchase from Filler World are groundbreaking fat-dissolving injections. Fat cells are permanently dissolved and leave the body naturally.

Confidence is ultimately lifted after years of trying to shift the fat pockets that we have been waking up to each morning. It is truly remarkable, as the fat that is dissolved does not come back again. The only way the pockets of fat can return are if diet and exercise are not kept in balance, resulting in pockets of fat forming again.

The Treatment Process

During treatment, the water based fat dissolving solution is injected into the subcutaneous fatty tissue using very thin sharp cannulas. Over the subsequent weeks, fat cells gradually dissolve and expel from the body.

Aqualyx and Deso Body / Deso Face work by surrounding the fat cells and destroying it within the area of treatment.

Aqualyx comes in 10 x 8ml vials and treats localised pockets of fat underneath the skin. It can be used on hips, knees, thighs, chin and buttocks.

Desobody comes in 5 x 10ml vials and is one of the most newest products on the market. It is fast, safe and works in the same way as Aqualyx, eliminating stubborn fat. Fat is liquified during the treatment and broken down before leaving the lymphatic system.

Desoface is available as 5 x 10ml vials and is targeted specifically for use on double chins or cheeks. It is suitable for patients with medium weight and overweight.

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