What Treatments Will Patients Be Getting After Lockdown?

Covid-19 has changed the way many patients analyse their looks. Take for example the wearing of masks. Now that wearing a mask is mandatory for many, we are able to hide unwanted lines, wrinkles and folds, especially nasolabial folds around the mouth. Many individuals will still want to ensure their wrinkles and folds are smooths are ironed out regardless of whether they are hidden under a mask and no-one can see them.

For personal satisfaction, many individuals feel comfortable in their own home looking their optimal self. Whilst others, will wait patiently to have their lip filler treatment topped up if they feel they are not getting full value out of their volumised lips, if no-one can see them behind a mask. On the contrary, patients who are particularly conscious of their eyes (crow’s feet and tear troughs), understand that this area cannot easily be hidden behind a mask and will want to book an appointment as early as possible for post-lockdown to treat these.

Eye treatments

People are becoming more aware of the way their eyes look, when they have a mask on, because there is so much emphasis on the eyes. When you look in the mirror or at a photo of yourself with a mask on, your eyes do all the talking.

Similarly, lines between the eyebrows will also appear more dominant and individuals will consider  Botox to treat this area. The mask is making us more aware of ourselves and how we look in a way we never thought possible.

Whilst eye treatments will be on top of the priority list for many,  lips fillers and lower facial treatments will also be in demand once again when spas re-open, Covid-19 subsides and masks become a part of history.

With the introduction of multiple mask designs and transparent face shields that are improving by the day, we have seen new masks that are all transparent so facial expressions are not hidden behind the typical  blue clinical masks we see so many people wearing.

Transparent mask shields are a great way for individuals who want to still show their full facial features and expressions.

Whilst many will put their treatments on hold due to lockdown, they will certainly be looking to book in their post-lockdown treatments for Botox, fillers and  threads .

With more people working from home than ever before, patients will still need to feel good about themselves. Zoom meetings will still take place and social gatherings will be more special than ever, with restaurants and hotels re-opening.

Lockdown is all beneficial to many patients, because it gives us more time than ever to research and look for the best medical clinic that will allow us to achieve that look. Of course, consultations won’t start until after December 2nd, but in the meantime, we can start analysing our looks and searching for the right aesthetician out there to meet those needs. 

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