Why Clinics & Males Opt For This Brand

More and more customers want to use and consume products that are closer to nature. Whether this is in incorporated in a plant based or organic diet. Or cutting out palm oils and parabens from other perishables. Volumising skin layers with organic filler, is another priority for many individuals and clinics who will not use anything else. 

Neauvia established in 2012 is the first organic filler, offering the highest purity in its preparation. A brand that relies on the latest technologies using the purest raw ingredients and modern production techniques, making it stand out in a unique way.

Neauvia have created a large portfolio of products within its organic range, creating something for everyone. Treating a variety of indications for both men and women, whilst still offering slow biodegradation and durable results in its organic and natural form for natural results.

Why more and more males are choosing Neauvia Organic

Neauvia Organic fillers are renown for their higher concentration of hyaluronic acid for deeper filling. With many products specifically targeted towards thicker skin in males, it’s no wonder why many males will only use Neauvia Organic. Ticking many boxes for them in terms of purity, filling capabilities and not to forget, treatment of the underlying indication, whether it is hydration or nasolabial folds.

At Filler World, we stock thirteen different Neauvia Organic products in multiple sizes, including the following, which makes it a popular choice for many clinics who can rely on the results to treat a known number of indications on short demand and especially for their male market.

Neauvia Organic Intense for deep volume

Neauvia Organic Intense Lips for remodelling lips

Neauvia Organic Intense Rose to correct soft tissue

Neauvia Organic Hydro Deluxe for immediate hydration

Neauvia Organic Stimulate to improve collagen production

Neauvia Organic Intense Rheology for fines lines in younger skin

Neauvia Organic Intense Flux for balanced cross-linking in deeper tissue filling.

Neauvia Organic Intense LV for nasolabial folds.

Neauvia Organic Stimulate Man and Neauvia Organic Intense Man for thicker masculine skin

Neauvia Organic Hydro Deluxe Man for hydrating and boosting a natural glow in thicker masculine skin

Neauvia Organic uses Bacillus Subtilis bacteria, with it’s known advantages for purity, high HA concentration, long shelf life and pre-determined molecular mass.

With such a high level of purity, Neauvia diminishes any possibility of hypersensitivity, rendering it as one of the safest fillers for anyone. Its safeness is also a result of its PEG cross-linked technology.

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